w2-PRINTABLE Helpful Hints for Mixing and Freezing

When mixing your Divine Icy Wine it is helpful to use hot water to disolve the mix before adding the wine.

We use Ziplock or Glad large shallow containers for freezing to shorten the thawing process. You can let your container set out on the counter for about 45 minutes or you can remove the lid and microwave for about two minutes.

Stir with a fork until mixture is slushy. Pour into serving container or directly into wine glasses.


Freezer Method: Mix with a bottle of wine or 10 to 12 oz of your prefered liquor and 4 or more cups of water to taste. Freeze for 6 or more hours. Thaw about 30 minutes before serving. Stir, Serve, and Enjoy!


Each bottle of mix makes one half gallon or more.


Blender Method: add 4oz of mix with a half bottle of wine and ice. Blend until smooth. If using liquor add 4oz mix with 5 or 6 oz liquor, 1 cup water and ice. Blend until smooth.

Each bottle of mix makes 2 blenders full.

Remember you can refreeze what you don't use. It will stay fresh in your freezer for months.

You may want to experiment with your Divine Icy Wine by adding more wine, fruit juice or your favorite liqueur.

Have fun and drink responsibly!


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